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Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run 2024: A Day of Fitness and Fun

Singapore’s first kids-focused running event made a grand return on 2 June 2024! The Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run, held at Palawan Green, Sentosa, was a spectacular day dedicated to promoting active lifestyles and providing an immersive experience for young runners. This event served as a stepping stone for first-time runners into the world of healthy living, all while ensuring they had a fantastic time.

A Celebration of Youth and Fitness

The Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run was designed to encourage children to take their first stride into the world of racing and experience the thrill of crossing the finish line. The event featured both competitive and non-competitive segments, ensuring that there was something for everyone. Competitive participants had the chance to win up to $400 worth of prizes, while those in the non-competitive segment enjoyed a fun-filled morning under the sun with their loved ones.

Meaningful Souvenirs: Event T-Shirts and Canvas Bags

One of the highlights of the event was the distribution of nicely designed and meaningful event t-shirts and canvas tote bags.

Canvas Tote Bags Printing for Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run 2024
Canvas Tote Bags Printing for Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run 2024

The quality of t-shirts printing and canvas tote bags printing in Singapore shone through, with vibrant designs and durable material that the kids loved wearing and using. These t-shirts and canvas bags were a hit among participants, serving as memorable keepsakes from the event. The t-shirts not only commemorated their participation but also promoted the message of staying active and healthy. The canvas bags were filled with goodies and were highly appreciated by both kids and parents, providing useful items and mementos from the event. These sturdy and reusable canvas tote bags aligned with the event’s emphasis on promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

A Day to Remember

The event was not just about running; it was a celebration of fitness, community, and the joy of living an active lifestyle. There were various side activities and entertainment options to keep everyone engaged. From games and sports challenges to food stalls offering healthy snacks, the Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run ensured that every participant had a day to remember.

Cherished Memories

The event concluded with a medal presentation ceremony, where every participant received a medal to commemorate their achievement. The pride and happiness on the children’s faces as they received their medals were priceless. Parents captured these moments on camera, creating lasting memories of a day spent together in pursuit of health and happiness.


The Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run 2024 was a resounding success, bringing together children and families for a day of fitness, fun, and cherished moments. The event not only promoted an active lifestyle but also provided a platform for young runners to experience the excitement of racing. With meaningful souvenirs like the event t-shirts and canvas bags, participants left with more than just memories—they left with a reminder of the importance of staying active and healthy.

As we look forward to future editions of this fantastic event, the legacy of the Cold Storage X Giant Kids Run 2024 will undoubtedly inspire many more young runners to lace up their shoes and dash into the world of fitness.

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