This luxurious version of a traditional Hammam ritual will leave you glowing with silky smooth skin.

Do you recall how soothing it was to be washed by your mother when you were a baby? The Ultimate Hammam experience at ESPA evoked those feelings and I felt cocooned with warmth as my therapist gave me an out-of-the-world bath experience.

Treatment Process

Upon entering the gorgeous marbled Hammam room, I disrobed and lay down on the heated marble slab in the centre, which looked up into a dome with sunlight streaming in. My therapist got to work and doused me repeatedly with warm water that moistened and massaged me at the same time. Then, she used a black olive soap from Turkey to massage me, followed by a thorough scrubbing using Kesse mitts. Just like a magician, she created foamy bath suds out of a cloth sack and turned my body into a foam party. Using these suds as lubricant, she proceeded to
give me a soothing massage.

Resorts World Sentosa

After relaxing my entire body, she moved on to my head and slimming and body refining washed my hair with an uplifting revitalising shampoo. Then, she massaged a moisturising hair and scalp mud treatment from ESPA made with apricot kernel oil and red clay onto my hair. This pink cream was left on my head and she returned to my body, covering it with a detoxifying marine mud body mask with aromatic oils of orange and rose geranium. I was awakened from my slumber and led to a steam room for 10 minutes to let my hair and skin soak in all the goodness.

To finish off my Hammam, I was rinsed off and brought to the massage room where I ended this pampering treatment with a strong deep tissue massage – a perfect ending to an ultimate experience.


My body was smooth as a baby’s bottom. The stubborn oil bumps at the back of my arms were gone and my entire body had a healthy glow. What’s even better, the ESPA body oils used by the therapist were non-greasy and I was able to go straight to dinner, smelling and feeling like a million dollars

Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098269
Tel: +65 6577 8888
Duration: 120 minutes
Cost: $400++