Do you ever leave the house looking less than polished or try to pick out an outfit but it just doesn’t seem to come together? There’s a little secret you may not know and it’s used frequently amongst the most stylish fashionistas, bloggers and pinners. It’s the power of the third piece.

You might have wondered what makes an outfit look good on a style blog or why it’s so pin-worthy. The third piece rule is simply to add an extra item of clothing to bring your look to the next level. For example, a top and jeans might be a nice look, but add your third piece – a jacket, a shirt wrapped around the waist, a statement necklace – and it is transformed into a great outfit. The third piece makes you’re your whole outfit come together, but it can also add character and creates a more interesting and unique look. There are many fashion items you could use for your third piece.

A jacket, a cardigan or a blazer:

third piece jacket

A pretty hat:

third piece hat

A sweater for colder weather:

sweater weather

Sunglasses are of course a fashionista’s favourite:

taylor swift style dress

Next time you’re putting together an outfit, consider adding your third piece to finish the look. You can even have a fourth or fifth piece too. You’ll see that a beautiful item of clothing, fresh colours and a classic pair of shoes are all nice, but it’s that third piece that brings it all together for great style.