Staying slim will be a cinch if you follow the yummy foodspiration here.

I’m all for healthies not selfies – and it is these healthy yet yummy recipes that fuel my Instagram addiction. Thanks to the proliferation of health-focused Instagrammers, inspiration to eat better is literally at our fingertips! Here are six of my favourite wellness warriors:

1. @aheartsmurmur

Vanessa Lee makes amazing breakfast bowl smoothies that will have you drooling into your cereal. Usually made from nana ice-cream (healthy ice-cream made from frozen bananas) and topped with super foods and fruits – all shot and styled beautifully, her pictures are serious health food eye candy.

2. @naturally_nutritious

Melanie Lionello is a nutritionist and avid foodie who show you how to eat your favourite foods in a healthy way. Think buttermilk pancakes with coconut sugar and spaghetti with homemade meatballs. Now, who says eating healthy is just rabbit food? Yummy!

3. @thewholetara

Tara Milhem is a recipe developer, food stylist, yoga instructor, and author with a degree in Food and Nutrition. She shares her passion on eating whole and delicious meals with her followers – and her svelte figure and glowing skin is testament that you are definitely what you eat!

4. @catslavery

Food stylist and organic vegetarian food purveyor, Bella Koh, inspires with her #slowlife movement – fuelled by taking things slow and savouring every moment. She elevates simple ingredients and plates them to perfection. Life inevitably slows down when I’m scrolling through her account.

5. @nourish_not_punish

Sjana Elise Earp is an adventure seeking yogi and travel and lifestyle photojournalist who inspires major travel lust with her photos. An avid healthie, she believes that there’s a link between food and feelings, and we need to eat less processed food to feel better. That may be true – I’m happy just looking at her colourful and joyful food pictures.

6. @therecessbelle

Anabel started @recessbelle to share her love for cooking and making better food choices to complement the active lifestyle she has always had: running marathons, yoga, circuit training and most recently, ballet barre. Her recipes are mostly vegetarian or pescatarian, sans refined sugar and encourage the use of whole grains and healthy fats. Anabel hopes to promote a lifestyle that takes care of one’s wellbeing, fitness and nutrition while staying mindful, hoping that this will inspire more people to do the same.

Written by Pearlin Siow.