Geisha Organic Nightingale Poop Facial Find out why this facial was voted the best in Singapore and the surprising secret ingredient in it!

I have to admit, I’m quite the hygiene freak and will never dream of putting poop on my face. However, when A-list celebs like Victoria and David Beckham are slathering nightingale droppings on their faces, and it’s touted to be the century-old secret behind Japanese geishas’ flawless miens, I was willing to put my poop phobia aside and try it for beauty’s sake.

Ikeda Spa has garnered rave reviews for their Geisha Organic Facial which offers said droppings as part of the treatment. Mind you, these droppings are not the kind you find on your car. Nightingale droppings (known as uguisu no fun in Japanese) contain large amounts of nitrogen-rich urea with cell exfoliating and moisturising benefits, and guanine, an amino acid to fade pigmentation and brighten skin. And there’s a very specific process that goes into bringing the fun from the birdcage to your face. Nightingales are kept on specialised farms in Japan and fed on a strict diet of organic seeds. The harvested poop is sanitised by UV light to kill any germs, dried and milled into a fine powder for cosmetic use. Phew! At least I know it has been sanitised. This rejuvenating and brightening facial also contains organic ingredients like rice bran, camellia oil, azuki red beans and herbal peach moon water – all from Ikeda Spa’s premium Chidoriya range.

My facial started ordinarily enough with a double cleansing and scrub, followed by a thorough extraction. Then, an ultra relaxing lymphatic massage using the Camellia oil which is a super antioxidant. Under my therapist’s expert hands, I soon dozed off and awoke to find her applying the star ingredient, which has been mixed with rice brans, onto my face as a mask. It had a light earthy fragrance and felt like clay on my face. That was about all I could remember because my therapist once again lulled me back to sleep with her deft hands on my head, chest and shoulders.

To end this pampering treatment, a cold compress was applied to my face, followed by an application of sunblock, topped off with another back massage using warm towels. I love that this facial incorporates so many massages which makes me feel like I’m killing two birds (no pun intended!) with one stone. Because who has the time to do a facial AND a massage these days? My face also looked fairer and less dehydrated post-treatment.

The Geisha Organic Facial and Chidoriya products are available exclusively at Ikeda Spa, Ikeda Spa Prestige and online at

Cost: $240 for 90 minutes.

Ikeda Spa 6 Eu Tong Sen Street Clarke Quay Central #05-22, Singapore 059817 Tel: 6388-8080.

Written by Pearlin Siow.

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