PowerSlim Studio claims that 55 minutes in it burns as much calories as spending five hours in the gym!

Slim down without working out

IF YOU CANNOT imagine anything worse than spending hours in the gym working hard for the body of your dreams, then perhaps PowerSlim is the perfect alternative for you. PowerSlim has a patented unique method of synergising infrared radiation and ionisation which works to intensify metabolic rate and burn calories. On top of that, it also purportedly doubles as a collagen production stimulant! The ionisation technology was developed by Polish scientists and it directly impacts the metabolic balance as well as improves overall sense of well-being.

powerslim-2Treatment Process
PowerSlim is currently only available at The Spa Artisan which is located at The Fullerton Hotel. Upon my arrival, the therapist gave me an inbody analysis to detect the amount of fat and muscle tissues in different parts of my body. All I had to do was step on the analyser and minutes later, a print out of my body composition was generated. Next, I was led to a room where a huge MRI-looking machine called the PowerSlim Studio resides. My therapist explained that I would be slathered with thermal slim cream before lying down in this cylinder for my treatment. I would also have electrode pads placed over my tummy to help stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract; thereby, effectively exercising my abdominal muscles for me while I rested. To help me get through the 55 minutes of treatment, I could either choose the music of my choice which is played inside the studio or watch a movie on a TV screen attached inside the studio.

When the treatment started, I felt like I was sunbathing. I was about to fall asleep when the electrodes started moving. It was a weird tickling sensation and the electrodes changed its action every few minutes from tingling to squeezing. My muscles did actually feel like they were working but I did not have to put in any effort. After the treatment, I was informed that I should not shower for an hour. I was horrified because I sweated a lot during the treatment, and had to content with drying myself off with a towel.

If you are an exercise buff who would rather do the hard work yourself, The Spa Artisan also offers a PowerSlim gym where you hop on a cross trainer and do your stuff while two high-powered ionisers and six infrared filaments help to enhance your workout. Overall, if you hate going to the gym but would like to lose weight more efficiently, this might be a good option. I love exercising but it is also nice sometimes to have the hard work done for you when you are not in the mood. Seems like a win-win situation.

powerslim-3Where: The Spa Artisan
The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
1 Fullerton Square, Mezzanine Floor
#01-13/14, Singapore 049178
Tel: + 65 6243 1382 ext 8182
Website: www.thespaartisan.com
Cost:  $298+ (first time trial at $98 nett)
Duration: Approximately 55 minutes