Sky Fitness keeps golfers at the top of their game with its Sky Genesis and Golf Conditioning Programmes.
Holistic Wellness Approach

Want to feast on a lovely view of the outdoors as you workout in a gym with state of the art equipment? Look no further than Sky Fitness, which boasts a unique location with a bird’s eye view of the scenic Sentosa island.

Besides personalised training programmes by top-notch trainers, members can also enjoy concierge and spa services. The gym even has its own café on-site, offering healthy and nutritious meals to complement your workout.

Sky Fitness is certainly a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to health and well-being. It launched Sky Genesis, the first such programme in the world aimed at preventive healthcare in 2009. Carried out by professionals backed by excellent credentials, the programme provides a complete, personalised functional health experience for performance athletes, busy individuals and those in their silver years to manage their health. It incorporates “space” technology, utilising the latest diagnostic tools and therapeutic methodologies to ease stressed out minds and bring the body back to equilibrium. During the programme, a biophysical assessment measures your wellness level while the Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMT) restores natural biophysical mechanisms, de-stresses and recharges your body at the cellular level – all working together to regenerate the body to slow down the effects of ageing and improve your quality of life with natural, non-invasive, fast and drug-free elements.


Genesis & Golf

To create the right conditions for peak performance, an athlete needs to be in optimal physical shape. Sky Genesis thus complements the Golf Conditioning Programme offered at Sky Fitness. Designed to optimise sports performance, it speeds up the healing of injuries and muscle strain by accelerating cellular level recovery, improves blood circulation and oxygen uptake, strengthens the immune system, and eliminates fatigue by elevating the quality of sleep.

The individual is first diagnosed on a biophysical level via a bio-scan, which helps the Consultants understand the wellness components that the individual needs in addition to the fitness programme. Here, diet and nutrition come into focus and you will be amazed at how the right food intake can improve performance and aid recovery of physical strains.


Obtaining maximum benefit in a minimum amount of time, the programme also incorporates the Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV), or Vibefit system, which helps to accelerate muscle displacement instantly. It is a smart workout platform that activates over 600 muscles, 230 joints and 206 bones instantly for an intensive workout that burns calories within just a 15-minute session. Vibefit is also proven to increase bone density, improve joint problems and rehabilitation, boost metabolic rate, and foster better stability and mobility. Meanwhile, PEMT helps ease muscle aches and tightness, and further enhances mobility, which results in an improved swing for golfers.

So to stay at the top of your game both physically and mentally, head to Sky Fitness today!


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