Like stepping into a cosy cafe in Mexico, Señor Taco serves up authentic cuisine garnished with irresistible charm.

Tantalising Tacos

Take a walk along the sunny streets of Mexico and it isn’t hard to find a taqueria or cantina – taco joints and authentically Mexican bars along the sidewalks. Recreating this all-welcoming culture with doors open to any diner or thirsty wanderer, Señor Taco adds colour and flavour to Singapore with an array of tacos, tequila and a true taste of Mexico with its new restaurant at CHIJMES.

Tacos & Tortillas

In any Mexican restaurant, you’d of course expect to find the usual fare: tacos, quesadillas and specialities from all around Mexico. Señor Taco does all that and more, creating an experience so authentically Mexican it’s easy to forget you’re in sunny Singapore.

Exploring a different path from other Mexican restaurants here, Señor Taco forgoes the heavy meals and the fine dining routine to present a taqueria experience with delicious dishes that Señor Taco founder Alejandro Blanco is glad to present as fun to eat.

Featuring an expanded menu compared with its highly successful original outlet at Clarke Quay, the new restaurant now offers a wider range of Mexican street food along with classic favourites such as the tacos al pastor, which is Mexico’s most famous and sought-after tacos (filled with pork or chicken) and the first and only of its kind in Singapore to date.

Fresh toppings, salsas and sauces are yours to choose from, made from chillies imported all the way from Mexico. If that’s not authentic enough for you, Señor Taco is also the only place in Singapore that has its own tortilla factory, ensuring the freshest and best corn and wheat tortillas on the island.

Cultural Charm

And still, it gets better. With full effort going to slow-barbequed beef and your own customisable options, all food is served on traditional plates and crockery. So traditional, in fact, this too is produced in native Mexico.

But what’s a hearty Mexican meal without the right company? Like many places in South America, Mexico is all about big gatherings of family and friends. This is recreated in Señor Taco with big tables made to accommodate large groups, comfortable armchairs and a totally relaxed atmosphere accented with a 158” flat screen TV.

Mexican culture and style is represented in the interior as well; bright colours, earthy hues, an al fresco area and an ambience rich with warmth all add to this cosy authentically Mexican feel.

Tequila Teasers

Señor Taco’s new venue at CHIJMES also showcases the company’s brand new concept where the traditional taqueria experience of its outlets at Clarke Quay and Orchard Towers is complemented by a cantina serving as many as 70 varieties of premium tequila. Have a shot or buy a bottle for your table, and drink tequila the way some of these premium varieties are meant to be enjoyed: like a fine old whiskey in a sipping glass.

If you’re new to the tequila scene, Blanco, or silver tequilas, are the most common kind that you’ve probably already encountered. Try Patron Blanco or Tres Generaciones as a shot or in a Margarita, or down a shot of Don Julio Blanco.

Or if you’re looking for something more subtle and premium, keep your eyes on the third and fourth shelves at the bar. These can cost up to $75 for a sipping glass or $200 for a glass of the rare Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario.

Get all your friends and family together, sit yourselves down at a big table and take in the atmosphere with some premium tequila, delectable tacos and a truly Mexican ambience, all authentic in every detail from the food on your fork to the overall flavour of Señor Taco.


Senor Taco Mexican Taqueria

#01-19/20 CHIJMES

30 Victoria Street

Singapore 187996

Tel: +65 6337 1377

Clarke Quay:

#01-13, Block D

Orchard Towers:

1 Claymore Drive, #01-16