More than three decades ago, RISIS was born of a man’s dream to immortalise a natural orchid – in pure 24K gold. The success of his quest has since created a truly iconic Singaporean gift.

Today, RISIS continues to produce Asian gifts characterised by their intrinsic beauty, innovation and creative design. Its ability to capture subtle details of a delicate flower in gold has attracted some of the finest craftsmen from around the world and its collections now go beyond jewellery to sculpture, home décor and lifestyle gifts as well.

Embodying a proud Singapore heritage, RISIS’ creative team of highly skilled in-house designers is based in Singapore. The design process starts with a holistic research philosophy that emphasises meaning and symbolism from our collective cultural history. This context then allows conceptual sketches and drawings to evolve. From there, the chosen designs for the jewellery and lifestyle categories are translated into
photo-realistic rendering and threedimensional modelling to better portray the designs to the production team. For the décor category, the head sculptor will transform the ideas from the drawing board into an intricate carving of a three-dimensional art piece by hand, and a finalised product sample is then produced with actual materials and finishing before proceeding to the mass production.

RISIS’ commitment to uphold the highest standards in production is evident in the company’s long-standing dedication to research and development.Its natural plating process remains a trade secret and the company has developed several proprietary techniques and methods, which allow RISIS to achieve an unprecedented level of detail and quality. Its designers are sent for production process training, and they are also given the opportunity to visit production partners overseas and attend masterclasses to hone their craft.

Immaculate Designs

With the finest ideas and flawless execution, the identity of RISIS is expressed through the brand’s heritage of delicate designs depicting flora and fauna, combined with a slice of Asian culture. For instance, the Curlicue Collection is based on the traditional Chinese Zodiac, ushering in the Year of the Snake for 2013. The graceful movement of the snake is captured using the curlicue technique, which has been used by calligraphers in Asian cultures for centuries. Earrings, pendants and necklaces take the form of silhouettes of the auspicious figure ‘8’ in 925 silver,plated in 24K gold.

Inspired by the beauty of the lotus leaf, the Prajna Collection features intertwining golden lines that perfectly emulate the intricate flow of lotus leaf veins, creating earrings and pendants encased in 24K gold.

There is also the Tianhu Collection, which interprets three signature motifs in Peranakan culture: the alluring butterfly that signifies love, the enigmatic bat as a symbol of long life, and the graceful goldfish as a bringer of good fortune. Each design comes as a bracelet or pendant hanging from a beautiful chain of gold. At RISIS, artistry is balanced by a consistent commitment to the science behind the immaculate pieces; each a gift that tells meaningful stories as we stand at the vanguard of Asia’s renaissance.




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