Opened in 2014, Porcelain Aesthetics is a stylish cocoon of calm in Orchard Road. Decked out in a chic monochromatic colour scheme, it specialises in equipment-based facials combining comfort and technology.

Their latest offering, the Proionic Facial, features the patented, clinically-proven INDIBA Deep Beauty technology that harnesses 448KHz radio frequency to restore skin’s natural ion balance and deliver immediate, visible anti-aging effects. It claims to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, detoxify skin tissue, tighten and brighten skin, firm up jawline contours, and reduce signs of fatigue around the eye area. It also increases moisture, collagen and elastin levels.

To begin with, the therapist performs a computer skin analysis to measure the sebum, moisture and pigmentation levels in my skin (high, low and okay respectively as well as to measure pore size, wrinkles and elasticity (all good apparently, to my surprise).

I’m then ushered into the treatment room onto a comfy bed, and the therapist begins by double-cleansing and exfoliating my face and neck. She then applies a cream that allows her to glide the INDIBA Capacitive Electrode (a smooth, flat disc attached to a pen-like probe) in slow circular motions at specific points — above my collarbones, below my jaw and cheekbones, at my temples and between my brows — to promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Next, she rotates the INDIBA Resistive Electrode (another disc) along my neck, jawline, cheeks, eye sockets and forehead, followed by firm upward strokes of her fingers. It feels like a warm, relaxing massage and lulls me into daydreams of my face being gently remodeled and lifted.

I hardly notice her moving on to do a thermal facial massage (yet another disc), although I do wake up when ultra-sensitive areas such as the sides of my forehead experience heat levels above what I’d call comfortable — hyperthermia (high heat levels) is supposed to activate skin metabolism and enzymes, and stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms.

The therapist then applies a 10-minute seaweed mask to cool and hydrate my skin, followed by moisturiser and sunscreen, and I’m done.

The mirror doesn’t lie — the results are immediate! My complexion was radiant and less sallow, my eyebags were slightly smaller, cheekbones looked more sculpted and the jawline was more V-shaped. Overall, this is a fast and almost painless way to a fresher face!

COST: $406.60 including GST for 90 minutes.

*Not recommended for pregnant women, as well as those wearing pacemakers or other devices.

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