Offering unique and exclusive objets d’art, Lotus Arts de Vivre is a collector’s dream.
A Collector’s Treasure

What started out as a hobby business for Rolf and Helen von Bueren 30 years ago is now one of Asia’s leading brands of luxury handmade jewellery and objets d’art for art connoisseurs and collectors.

Established in Bangkok in 1981, the family-run business has since evolved to comprise a wide range of luxury offerings that includes jewellery, home décor items, furniture, carpets and objects d’art. Lotus Arts de Vivre is today known for its high-quality masterpieces that have received international recognition, as well as for customised orders designed specially for its high net worth clients. In fact, the brand’s base of glamorous clients includes the likes of royalty, heads of state, movie stars, and captains for industry and high-profile celebrities.



“Lotus Arts de Vivre has become internationally renowned for producing exquisite works of art which are also unforgettable conversation pieces and solid long-term investments. That is why our work is on display at the world’s most luxurious retailers, such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and Harrods in London,” shares Rolf von Bueren, Founder and President of Lotus Arts de Vivre.

Besides its retail distribution points in the USA, UK and France, the brand also has signature stores in Thailand, Singapore and Bali.

Avant-garde Designs

Inspired by the great artisan techniques of Asia such as gem cutting in India, woodcarving in Bali and silverwork from Thailand, Lotus Arts de Vivre’s products are a delightful combination of centuries-old traditions, innovative contemporary design and top quality materials.



The company has built strong working relationships with some of the continent’s best craftsmen over the past 30 years and boasts a region-wide network of raw materials suppliers. Its handmade products are crafted from the most unique, specially selected natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, seeds, ebony and teak woods, seashells, and ostrich and emu eggs.


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