Synonymous with contemporary Chinese crystal art, LIULIGONGFANG has garnered international acclaim for reviving and exalting the ancient art form.

Chinese crystal art, also known as LIULI art, is enjoying a renaissance all over the world thanks to
LIULIGONGFANG, an established Asian brand specialising in crystal decorations, jewellery, and home and tableware.
In 1987, its founders set about to revive the Chinese ancient art of LIULI (meaning crystal glass). The duo comprised of award-winning Taiwanese actress and film director Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, a well-known figure in the Taiwanese arts scene. They teamed up and created LIULIGONGFANG, which literally translates to ‘crystal workshop’ – the first ever crystal art workshop in the world. The pair are now widely recognised as the pioneers of contemporary LIULI art and are credited for singlehandedly placing this art form into the
international spotlight after several thousand years of hiatus.
To date, more than 20 pieces of LIULIGONGFANG’s crystal art have been acquired for the permanent collections of renowned museums and galleries around the globe. Meanwhile, the works of LIULIGONG FANG can be found amongst the personal art collections of 32 world leaders. The brand has even made appearances in Hollywood, as LIULIGONGFANG designs have been selected for VIP gifting at the Academy and Emmy Awards. LIULIGONGFANG currently showcases in 70 galleries across Asia, Europe and the United States. It has also exhibited in Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France.

Exacting Techniques
Richly inspired by Chinese philosophy and culture, LIULIGONGFANG’s crystal art pieces are developed using various techniques including the breakthrough pâte de verre method, a complex 12-step process that lasts six to eight weeks and involves casting a wax sculpture in plaster, melting out that wax and adding glass ingredients to the leftover negative space, enabling incredible detail to shine through. In addition, each series is part of a limited collection, which drives the design team to constantly create new works.

Art Meets Lifestyle
In response to the ever-growing demand for its crystal art, LIULIGONGFANG launched LIULI LIVING in 2001, its collection of contemporary furniture incorporating Oriental elements to bring the unique art form into everyday life to be enjoyed by a wider audience. In 2005, LIULI LIVING was awarded the ‘Design for Asia
Award (DFAA ) for Most Influential Design Brand’ by the Hong Kong Design Centre. The success of LIULIGONGFANG also saw the spin off of a new accessory brand for women combining crystal art with 925 silver: LIULI PLUX.
Having grown from strength to strength in the 26 years since it was established, LIULIGONG FANG ’s achievements culminated in it being named one of the Top 100 Brands in Taiwan; a most fitting recognition for a brand that represents the ancient Chinese cultural heritage of glass art all around the world.


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