A trusted name in contemporary art, Linda Gallery represents outstanding and renowned contemporary artists from all across Asia.

A leading purveyor of premium quality Asian and Southeast Asian Contemporary artworks, Linda Gallery was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1990.
Linda Gallery’s longevity as an active player in the arts industry for more than two decades is a testament to its winning philosophy of always dealing with customers and artists with utmost professionalism, efficiency and sincerity. The gallery brings together artists and art collectors from all around the world, serving as a communicative platform and commercial distributor with branches in Beijing and Singapore, a booming arts hub.
Over the years, Linda Gallery has showcased the works of several internationally outstanding and renowned contemporary artists from countries such as Indonesia, China, and Thailand. Some of the more prominent contemporary Chinese artists that Linda A trusted name in contemporary art, Linda Gallery represents outstanding and renowned contemporary artists from all across Asia. Modern Art Haven Gallery has represented include Chen Shuzhong, renowned artist, vice professor and studio director of Sichuan Academy
of Fine Arts, who specialises in scenes of north China’s rural way of life. World-renowned Cai Zhisong is the first Chinese artist to win the prestigious Taylor prize at the Paris Autumn Salon in Eiffel-Branly. He is known for his figurative works with his major series’ being the ‘Ode to Motherland’ and ‘Custom to Motherland’ works – a representation of ancient soldiers symbolising the vastness of history and how
civilisations have risen and fallen along with those who have played a part in creating the world that we inhabit today.
Another contemporary Chinese artist is Li Zhan Yang, whose figurative style of neo-realism takes a no holds barred look at the decadent side of present-day China, hungry for material and physical pleasure. His atelier sits in the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Art College in Chongqin.
Principally trained in Chinese ink and colour on paper, Zhu Wei is another artist known for his subtly quizzical critique of social politics in rapidly evolving China.
Often compared to Andy Warhol with his pop-art style, avant-garde Chinese artist Xue Song’s works often discuss the ever-evolving social complexities of post-Mao China. However, one of his recent series ‘Dialogue with Mondrian’ is a clear departure, featuring 13 Mondrian-inspired collages.
One of the recent exhibitions held at Linda Gallery was the first solo exhibition in Singapore by renowned Chinese artist, Deng Xinli, whose paintings have always been surrealistic in nature, combined with historical and cultural undertones. This fascinating show featured 20 of the artist’s latest paintings, including a number of works from the renowned ‘Paper Series’.
Other artists who have exhibited in Linda Gallery include Chen Liu, Guo Jin, Jiang Shuo, Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul, S.P. Hidayat, Wu Shaoxiang, and Xiao Xiaowan.
Besides staging exhibitions within its own galleries, Linda Gallery has also had the privilege of hosting and participating in various significant and large-scale art exhibitions. Through participating in international art fairs such as Art Stage, Linda Gallery is able to achieve its vision of being an international arts gallery and distributor of masterpieces that touch the hearts and minds of collectors worldwide.



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