LeVeL33 takes Singapore’s cosmopolitan scene up a few notches with the world’s highest urban craft-brewery.

If beer is the nectar of the gods, consuming it at the top of the penthouse of Singapore’s most prestigious business address, the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), must surely bring on a heavenly experience. LeVeL33 is a craft-brewery, lounge and restaurant with an extensive menu featuring a modern interpretation of European classics. Feast on spectacular panoramic views of the bay and city skyline as you guzzle LeVeL33’s authentic craft brews of European heritage – a testimony to a daring approach to craft brewing that is original, innovative and relevant to today’s upmarket beer-drinking community. Tradition meets technology at LeVeL33 as its signature brews are based on heritage recipes and brewed with state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co Gmbh, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of brewery machines renowned for introducing the first computerised brew house control system. Crafted with international beer traditions, LeVeL33 signature brews transcend geographical boundaries while remaining entirely authentic to the age-old recipes and brewing methods.

Signature Brews

LeVeL33 certainly scores a world first, with a staggering 8,000 kg of microbrewery equipment comprising 12 tanks, two centre brew house kettles and accessories worth more than $1.5 million – all installed 156 metres from ground level; 33 floors above MBFC. Traditional and independent, LeVeL33 offers signature craft brews and seasonal beers accompanied by a specially crafted beer dining menu specifically designed for pairing. The 33.1 Blond Lager is a smooth, refreshing, full bodied and slightly fruity beer while the 33.2 Pale Ale is based on a 17th century old India Pale Ale recipe without any experimental aromas or fermentation gimmicks – aromatic, hoppy, light bodied and dry on the aftertaste. The 33.3 Stout is brewed fresh using authentic recipe and brewing principles from Dublin for a smoky and dark brew with a sweet roasted aftertaste. The 33.4 House Porter is developed by mixing the 33.3 Stout with the 33.2 Pale Ale resulting in a delicious, velvety, dark beer that marries the best of both: the malty
character of the 33.3 Stout and the moderate hoppy notes from the 33.2 Pale Ale.

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Cosmopolitan Design for Urbanites

LeVeL33 marries the concept of a craft-brewery, lounge and restaurant to stunning effect – artfully designed by architect Alessandro Lo Giudice in a warm colour palette of orange and brown. The floors of the main restaurant are tactically raised to give guests the most spectacular view of the city skyline while cleverly arranged mirrors enhance the superb view, providing a visual treat especially at sundown. Lending a raw industrial feel to the contemporary space are metallic stills juxtaposed with warm woods, exposed mechanical and engineering equipment, Italian crafted furnishings comprising tables with
copper insets and chairs in earthy hues, and oversized lamps suspended from the timber ceiling. Taking centre stage in the establishment are gleaming copper brew house kettles with a russet bar. Step into the two Baron Philippe de Rothschild Private
Rooms for an increasingly intimate encounter. The elegant interiors are decorated with specially commissioned wine art and Magnum bottles, to commemorate LeVeL33’s relationship with the Rothschild brand, which is renowned for its exceptionally crafted wine. A melody of opposing textures, warm material and earthy tones, LeVeL33 marries aesthetics, form and functionality to create a sexy, cosmopolitan space for the nectar of the gods to be savoured high above the city.

8 Marina Boulevard, #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
Singapore 018981
Tel: +65 6834 3133

For reservations, email reservations@level33.com.sg
For event enquiries, email enquiries@level33.com.sg