Jean Michael Jarre teams-up with Lalique for the limited edition AeroSystem One docking station.

The French music composer Jean Michael Jarre, has now joined hands with another French design house Lalique to create the limited edition AeroSystem One docking station, which combines the designing expertise of both. With products like David Linley jewelry box, and Macallan Six pillars whiskey collection, Lalique has indeed proved their forte at converting each creation into a collector’s item, and this docking station doesn’t seem to be much different in that regard. Taking a look at the specimens of French craftsmanship on the body, it leaves little doubt at being short of a head turner.

What struck us most prominently about the design is the ‘mask of a woman’ on the dock station’s lower end unit. Made with a rare variety of crystal, it took the effort of 13 craftsmen to create this sculpture on the exterior, depicting the emblem of the noted house of crystals. This had involved the blowing, cutting and polishing the crystal surface. The vertical body which is 3.35 meters long comprises of 2 other such divided units, which look like black circles on a white base, creating another eye-appealing mirage. They are actually the house to the 2 speakers of 30 Watts RMS each, a subwoofer of 60Watt RMS, and also a 120Watt RMS amplifier system. That should tell the audiophiles about the power of sound output of the device, which seems to be amongst some of the top brass for a product of such a category. On top of course, is the docking port for the iPod & iPhone, through which one could control the audio content. Some of the added tech features would include the 3.5mm USB jack, alongside the AUX audio input port which is compatible with audio formats such as MP3 and WMA. Hence if your audio content is stored on something other than the Apple devices, it really should not be a problem to play it on the docking station.

When it comes to buying this thing, be prepared to shell out in $15,774 for each of these. Looking at the artistic brilliance, it should appeal to design geeks as well; hence they would be better suggested to hurry with their orders as only 999 pieces will be made for sale. It’s not very many times that such classical French designs and modern technology blend this well.

Source: Born Rich