Renowned for its medical excellence and cutting-edge technologies, Singapore is Asia’s leading medical hub
attracting some 400,000 medical tourists annually, according to SingaporeMedicine, a multi-agency government-industry partnership.

Besides the steadily increasing demand from overseas patients, Singapore’s own ageing population is making
healthcare a key growth sector. New public and private hospitals and medical centres are being built to cater to growing and future needs, resulting in a greater demand for healthcare workers as well. For example, a new National University Hospital Medical Centre is under construction and the 20-storey centre will house specialist outpatient clinics when it is ready. The National Heart Centre is undergoing a
S$165 million expansion that will triple the size of the existing facility. By 2020, the government plans to add 1,900 more acute hospital beds, 1,800 community hospital beds, and more than 9,000 nursing home beds.