Ross Hamilton Englisbe, GM of Hamilton Conte is charming, engaging and extremely eloquent. He is in Singapore to promote his and Fabián Pellegrinet Conte’s collection available to view at Marquis QSquare. The collection is best described as eclectic, which according to Fabian Pellegrinet Conte is, an intelligent mix of objects whether through different origins, epochs or styles. Each piece is designed to illicit joy from the user.

Drawing on different regions and eras from Scandinavian to American, from the 50’s to the 70’s Hamilton Conte’s designs are sure to delight the new Asian homeowner who has international taste. Hamilton tells me that the designers’ take into account different living space dynamics in the modern Asian apartment, and form and function are considered very carefully in each of their pieces. Curved circular forms referencing the 70’s seemed to be a particular feature of this collection. The colour palette is gorgeous; mustards, greens and greys with dark woods and metals. It is a beautiful collection of furniture for those who enjoy living well.


Hamilton Conte Showroom

is situated at
Marquis QSquare
16 Tai Seng Street, Level 1
Singapore 534138
Tel: 6383 0119
Opens 11am – 8pm Daily