This luxury spa’s impeccable service, innovative treatments and state-of-the-art facilities will have you buzzing with bliss.

It is not hard to imagine yourself in a cool club when you step into the Spa Club at beach road™ with its hip interiors and good-looking staff. lounge on a soft fur throw on the sofa as you fill up your particulars and choose your aromatherapy scent from aromatherapy associates. Then, shimmy up the stairs, past a maze of secluded rooms, to its lounge area where instead of a Cosmopolitan, you get served fresh juices or herbal teas.

Encompassing 22 treatment rooms (including three Vip couple suites) over two floors with a total area of 10,000 square feet, the Spa Club at beach road™ is primed for pampering and works exclusively with British spa magnate ILA, which has cinched multiple international beauty awards, including the recent prestigious title of Natural product line of the Year at asiaSpa awards 2013, and boasts of celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman.

spa club 2Day trippers looking to refresh themselves can try out the spa’s exclusive “Heat experience” and “ice experience”. based on an ancient bathing ritual of a series of heating and cooling actions, the temperature changes are said to induce deep relaxation and stimulate the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. Spa Club at beach road™’s contemporary equivalent is in the form of an amethyst steam room, an indoor heated pool, a sauna room, and an ice fountain.

My pampering experience started with a feet soak in a foot massager that comes with a disposable plastic inner layer for hygiene purposes. My male therapist worked expertly at the knots on my shoulders and back while I soaked my feet, and I was soon rolling my eyeballs in bliss. After about 15 minutes, he went back to my feet, gave me a thorough foot scrub cum massage and started my feet reflexology. He was extremely skillful and performed a myriad of different massage techniques on my feet. to say that he was the best I have tried would be an understatement!

After my amazing Ultimate Foot Indulgence treatment ($238 for 90 minutes), ifloated to my VipSuite for my Karuna Kaya deep tissue Massage ($328 for 90 minutes). before my therapist began, she made me do a breathing exercise with the body oil i had selected earlier. With firm and rhythmic massage strokes, she gently coaxed my tense muscles into submission. I tried to fight the sleep monster but it was a fruitless attempt. Before i knew it, I was softly asked by my therapist to turn over. She carried on working her magic on the top half of my body and ended the massage with an out-of-this-world head massage. While I was in la-la land, my therapist performed my final treatment – the Ultimate Crystal healing Facial ($328 for 90 minutes)which consisted of a garnet face scrub, rose cream and jade face mask from the acclaimed ilabrand. Harnessing the healing vibration of crystals, warmed rose crystals were used to relax my facial muscles and dissolve stress lines and my therapist also used heated herbal compresses as well as a hypnotic tapping facial massage to further zen me out.

It has been a while since I got intoxicated at a club and the Spa Club at beach road™ certainly worked its magic on me. It is every Urbanite’s fantasy with a personalised concierge to ensure that all your needs are met and all the treatments your weary body and mind will ever need. they offer membership packages – starting from $2,988 for a year-long revive Bronze membership to $9,888 for a five-year, all-inclusive Rejuvenate Diamond membership, for the ultimate in spa services.