Salon Vim’s latest treatment, Texture Control, promises soft, healthy hair that is frizz-free.

Unruly, dry, frizzy hair. These are the common hair problems we face in our humid climate. I know, because I’ve battled with frizzy hair my entire life. Co-owner of Salon Vim, Gary Chew believes that hair should be in a good condition before cutting, colouring or perming, otherwise no matter what you do, your hair would not look its best. “I believe that we should give hair the respect it deserves,” he affirmed. With this goal in mind, he has drawn upon his 20 years of hair styling experience combined with his vast knowledge of hair products to create Texture Control.

This multi-step hair treatment programme which primarily consists of:

1. Nourishing treatment to prepare the hair.

2. A hair correcting treatment to reduce frizz and even out waviness.

3. Finished with a deep conditioning treatment that makes your hair extra soft and healthy.

Think of Texture Control as a conditioning anti-frizz treatment that leaves your hair naturally straight, more nourished with a deeper glossier colour – unlike keratin – another hair straightening treatment, which strips your hair colour. Be warned though, my treatment took almost 4.5 hours but it’s worth every minute for healthy glossy hair that is frizz-free, shaving precious minutes off my daily routine of blow-drying my hair. Goodbye frizz, hello va-va-voom hair!

To maintain your hair condition, Gary recommends doing Texture Control 2 to 3 times a year, combined with a monthly conditioning treatment for maximum results. There’s also “Texture Control With Waves” which customers can opt for to achieve some volume at the ends.
Texture Control Frizz Free Hair at Salon Vim
Texture Control C curls Salon Vim Singapore
Prices for Texture Control starts from $420 for short hair, $470 for shoulder length hair and $540 for mid-back length hair.

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Written by Pearlin Siow.