Flyte is a light that levitates above its base and is powered through the air. The product is the brainchild of Simon Morris and a highly creative technical team based in Stockholm, Sweden. Morris has created similar levitating works before, for brands like Nike and Urban Ears, including floating installations of objects such as shoes, speakers and headphones.


Flyte light bulb at Kickstarter

Flyte works through a combination of magnetic levitation and induction technology. Rotating in the air, the bulb requires no batteries and uses low voltage LEDs, so it’s safe as well as stylish. The crafted base is made from sustainable wood in your choice of ash, oak or walnut.

There are other features to Flyte too, which include the ability to turn your light on and off by simply touching the wooden base. Placing your mobile phone on the base turns Flyte into a wireless charging station.

If you want to get your hands on a Flyte of your own, you’ll have to be quick. It is currently being sold on Kickstarter, a funding site for creative projects. The project is open for backing until May 22nd and some models have already sold out. For more information, or to purchase, visit Flyte on Kickstarter here.