Memory and general mental performance declines for all of us as we age, but there are many ways we can support and enhance our brain power. Here are just a few…

  1. Breaking the routine

A good number of our daily activities are habitual, from washing our face to driving or taking the MRT to work. Changing up your routine and adding a twist to your usual task is a good way to keep your brain on its toes. If you’re right handed, for example, try using your left hand once in a while to brush your teeth. If you drive straight back home on the same route everyday, try going a different way or stop somewhere new to pick up a treat for your loved ones or yourself.

  1. Get moving

Exercise and cognitive performance is linked in numerous studies. Simply doing half an hour of aerobic exercise can boost mental sharpness. Do something you really enjoy, be it dance, yoga, swimming or even just taking a leisurely walk.

  1. Sleep well

We all know how terrible it feels when you’ve had a night of poor sleep. We can become forgetful, grumpy and lose clarity. Keep a good sleeping routine. Find ways to relax or even meditate before bedtime. For tips on a better nights rest read 3 Important sleep habits for better rest.

4. Learn something new

Learning a new skill is a great technique for exercising your brain. It can also be a lot of fun! Try a new recipe, learning a new instrument or practice a new language. It is all useful to protect your brain power.