Singapore’s National Design Centre will welcome twenty-three Catalan designers in the upcoming “Barcelona’s Transgressive Designers” Exhibit, from the 2nd to the 17th of May. It is the initiative of EvaRiu Design studio with BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny and the NDC National Design Centre of Singapore.

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PHOTO CR: RebelRoot Design Studio

The exhibit will feature the unique creations of some of Barcelona’s most original designers. Items on show will include jewellery, accessories, bags, fashion, decorative pieces, ceramics and more. The objects are products of varying design processes from the most traditional techniques to more modern processes such as 3-D printing.

There will be five sections on show – Reinventing the tradition (traditional products with contemporary design), The New Handcrafters (using traditional materials for a new design), Ecology (recycling & sustainable approach), Art Inspirations (from art to product / interactions between art and product) and Illustration on product (using products like linen).

Some of the brands showcased will include RebelRoot, Zao & Brull, Miriam Cernuda, Ranran design and Prógono.

The items will also be available to buy in a 1-month sale starting on May 18th at the Kapok Store next to the design centre.