Art and dining merge at Andsoforth, a nomadic pop-up restaurant that transports diners to strange and fantastical other worlds with their unique set design and a team of actors. Guests are informed of the secret location of the dinner on the day itself through instructions and a sneaky clue.

golden mushrooms

Black Pudding & Golden Mushrooms | The Karl Experience

After three sell-out shows, Andsoforth returns this August with a new series called “The Karl Experience”. It is set in the imagined year of 2070, a dystopian future where the world has been exhausted of its natural resources. The masses live underground while a few of the lucky ones inhabit places in the sky. Fashion has become simple function and form, only what is necessary for survival, but a frustrated designer begins a journey to the past, an expedition back to 2015 and you are all invited.

With a specially created menu by Guest Chef Glenn Tay of The Tippling Club and zany futuristic-themed drinks by bespoke bar Mixes from Mars it is bound to be a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience.

The Karl Experience premieres August 19th, running every Wednesday to Saturday for two weeks only.

To find out more or to book your tickets now, visit Andsoforth online or check for the latest updates on Facebook.